President Welcome



I am pleased and honored to welcome you to Islamic Azad University, Karaj Branch (KIAU) which is increasingly recognized as one of the greatest and most comprehensive branches of the Islamic Azad University. Our university has a vast potential and provides a great opportunity to pursue education.

The internationalization of this university is at the core of the strategic goals that we, the university's leaders, defined for the coming years. Our main mission is to provide an atmosphere for the students’ success in education and in life. We offer postgraduate and Ph.D. programs with a focus on providing the broad foundational skills needed in all fields— such as qualifying for profession, identifying and solving problems and performing well.

Finally, we are a part of our society, both as a point of access to higher education for students and as partners in economic and social development. We educate the engineers to create processes and designs, the teachers who guide our children, the business leaders who propel our economy, the nurses who care for us, the politicians who govern our land, the accountants who manage finances and the lawyers who judge courts. We are proud to be so effective to the society of mankind.

I invite you to visit our website to see our strength and advantages. KIAU has great educational environment, experienced faculty members, hardworking staffs and beautiful campus that make this university unique. 

Thank you for your interest in KIAU. We look forward to seeing you on campus.


Mohammad Hasan Borhanifar