KIAU At A Glance


Karaj is one of the Iran’s most populous and large cities. The city’s population is 1614626 through which, it is considered as the fourth most populated one after Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan. Due to the openness to immigration, and residence of young people in Karaj, it is considered as one of the megacities of Iran. Occupying the total area of 162 km, Karaj is located in the southern slopes of the Alborz mountains, 35 kilometers away from Tehran in west. The city is neighboring Mazandaran province in north, Shahriyar city and Markazi province in south, Savojbolagh and Qazvin in west and Tehran in east. Karaj vast plains with the average altitude of 1320 meters above the sea level, is the main route for commercial transportations from Turkey and Azerbaijan to Iran and vice versa. The Provinces of Mazandaran and Alborz are separated via Alborz Mauntains.


Karaj Islamic Azad University is located in Karaj, the capital of Alborz Province. KIAU is a non-governmental university established in 1984 which is considered as one of the best and most comprehensive branches of the Islamic Azad University. It has achieved 2842 rate in international ranking among 23887 world top universities. KIAU aspires to be a vital community of academics, researchers, staff, students and alumni working together in a spirit of innovation and enterprise for a better world. Its twelve campuses all come to 470000 square meters and it provides an exciting environment that fosters world-class educational and research opportunities and generates a wide range of benefits and services that touch the lives of students every day. Besides world-class classrooms and labs, KIAU has dozens of libraries, auditoriums, workshops, gyms and clubs, research centers, academic resources, and a botanical garden.