Registration Guide

Registration Guide to " fstudent website" for non-iranian applicants

First enter the address in google chrome. The following window will appear in your browser:

If you want to register, click on "Register" on the top of the page. As a result, the following page will appear in your browser:

In this window, you should enter your first name, last name, citizenship, language, cellphone number, email address, password and the captcha which is shown to you. After filling the form out, Press the button "Create Account".

The following window will appear in your browser:

In this window, you should enter your Email address and password (which you have entered in the previous page) and the captcha and then press "Sign in" button.

After pressing the button, the following page will open:

The items 1-23, 30-37, 44 are obligatory ones and must be filled but other items are arbitrary.

After entering the essential data, press the button "Confirm and Continue". In the following window, the photo of applicant should be sent. Please note that photos should be taken recently and not be sealed or damaged. The size of the file should not be more than 70 KB in jpg format.

After choosing the image file, press the "Send Photo" button:

After pressing "Send Photo" button, "Confirm & Continue" button will be appeared. If you are sure, click "Confirm & Continue" button.

In the above window, if the applicant has an Iranian mother, he/she should fill the specified information related to his/her mother, else leave the fields remain empty. Notice that the items number 1 and 2 (address and phone number) are obligatory and must be filled out by the applicant.

Then press "Confirm & Continue" button. In the following window in "Basic Educational Information" you should declare the type of your diploma, place of issue, etc. In the" course-campus selection" region, you should select your level of study and the campus that you want to continue your education in by considering your own priorities.

Then press "Confirm & Continue" button:

In the "Scanning Document" window, last residential and educational document in one pdf file should be chosen. Note that the size of the file must be no more than 3MB. When the file was chosen, press the "Send File" button. Then "Confirm &Continue" button will be appeared:


Press the "Confirm & Continue" button:

In the above window, all the data that you have entered will be shown. There are two buttons at the bottom of the page: "Correcting the Information" and "Finalizing the Registration" buttons. If you want to edit your information, press the button "Correcting the Information" else press the "Finalizing the Registration".

If you press the "Finalizing the registration" button, the following page will open in your browser:

Your Registration code is written on the top of the page, keep that with yourself. Your registration is completed successfully. Now it is time to register in