KIAU Overview

Karaj Islamic Azad University is a non-governmental university established in 1984. Throughout its lifelong progress, KIAU has tried to create its own history by the efforts of distinguished professors as well as enthusiastic students and its hardworking staff. Nowadays, KIAU is one of the major academic poles in Iran because of the outstanding steps which have been taken in raising scholars and enriching knowledge. Its regional and global stance is praiseworthy which has made KIAU be far above so many universities of the country and the world.

KIAU is located in Karaj, the capital of Alborz Province, Iran, at the foothills of the Alborz mountains. Karaj is mostly famous because of its academic and educational complexes along with its tourist attractions.

KIAU has got five campuses, coming all to 97704 square meters. The University currently has more than 31,000 students and 1093 faculty and staff, with more than 117,000 alumni living and working in Iran or around the world. KIAU has dozens of libraries including 224952 books, 2160 journals, several auditoriums, workshops and laboratories, several gyms and saloons, and 4 research centers.

KIAU international achievements include membership in some major international organizations including ESRUC and IFAN, active participation in UNESCO and UN educational and research activities, as well as Memorandums of Understanding that are signed between KIAU and other international universities.

KIAU has proved itself as one of the best universities of  Iran based on Webometrics 2014, the largest academic ranking of Higher Institutions around the world: KIAU ranks as the first among IAU universities and as one of the best among the national universities.

Mission and vision

KIAU is committed to educational excellence. It promotes life-long learning and fosters the individual and social development of the students. The University and students support one another in the search for and the communication of truth. its inception, KIAU faculties and students have looked to cross the horizons of what we know about ourselves and our world, and what we can do in it.

Some of Cultural, Educational, Sport, and research Centers

Faculty of Veterinary

Faculty of Engineering

Imam Khomeini Education Complex

Velayat Education Complex

Payambar Mosque

Multipurpose Sport Complex


Multipurpose Playground

Small Animals Clinic

Big Animals Clinic