I. Email : sharareh.sharifi@kiau.ac.ir


2. Personal Information

First Name : Sharareh

Last Name : Sharifi Yazdi

3. Educational Background
MA : English Literature, Islamic Azad University Karaj Branch, 1998-2000

 English Literature, Allameh Tabataba’ee University, 2003-2005

BA :  English Language and Literature, Islamic Azad University Karaj Branch, 1994-1998

MA Thesis : 1. A Sociological Analysis of William Golding’s Works

 2. Double Colonization in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple

4. Experiences

Islamic Azad University, Karaj Branch 


2000-present          University Lecturer

2001-present          Faculty Member of English Literature Department 

2006-present          Head of English Literature Department

2005-2006              Research Assistant of English Literature Department

2005-2006              Member of Board of ELSS (English Language Student Society)

2007                       Member of Executive Committee of The 1st Seminar on Issues of Language Teaching and  Literature

5. Membership in International Academic Societies


6. Courses Taught ( BA, MA, PhD )

- B.A. in English Literature

Reading Comprehension/ Grammar and Writing/ English Language Laboratory/ Oral Reproduction of Stories/ An Introduction to Literature/ Simple Prose/ Literary Terms/ A Survey of the History of English Literature/ Literary Schools/ Literary Criticism/ Literary Prose

7. Publications
A. Book Title - Number of Pages - Publisher - Date of Publication - Place of Publication
B. Essays - Journals - Date of Publication - Pages
- “A Modest Proposal.” Journal of Faculty of Humanities. 15 (Fall 2005): 146-148.
C. Lectures - Place - Date

- “Myth in the Poetry of T. S. Eliot.” KIAU. 2007.

- “20th-Century American Sociological Novel.” KIAU. 2007.

- “Narrative Style in Realism: Ernest Hemingway.” KIAU. 2008.

D. Research Projects - Place of Performance - Date

- “A Quest for One’s Voice Amid American Discrimination.” KIAU. 2008-2009.

- “The Characterization of Woman as Silent in Conradian Narrative.” (َAssistant). KIAU. 2008-2009.

8. Skills

- Fluent in English

- Good at French

- Skillful in Microsoft Office

9. Awards